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  • QuantumBlack, a McKinsey company

    QuantumBlack, a McKinsey company

    An advanced analytics firm operating at the intersection of strategy, technology and design. www.quantumblack.com @quantumblack

  • Bruno González

    Bruno González

    Data Engineer at HomeLight

  • Hjalmar Gislason

    Hjalmar Gislason

    Adventures in data. Founder and CEO of GRID (@grid_hq). Proud data nerd. Curious about everything. Founder of 5 software companies.

  • Einar G Gudmundsson

    Einar G Gudmundsson

    Working with Entrepreneurs and Investors in Iceland @arionbank, @startupRVK and @startupEnergyR, I also blog at einargunnar.com Husband, Father, Runner.

  • Arnar Laufdal

    Arnar Laufdal

    I am a cloud enthusiast. Founder at Kaptio and we deliver solutions to the Travel and hospitality industry

  • Smári McCarthy

    Smári McCarthy

    Interested in society and technology, networks and markets. Member of the Icelandic Parliament.

  • Alexandre Gonfalonieri

    Alexandre Gonfalonieri

    AI Consultant @Philips | I write about AI and BCI https://www.linkedin.com/in/agonfalonieri9/

  • Þröstur Sigurðsson

    Þröstur Sigurðsson

    Skrifstofustjóri Stafrænnar Reykjavíkur /Digital manager @ Reykjavik City

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